Moving pianos is challenging, and it is even difficult when you need to move the piano up and down the stairs. People often contact specialty movers to manage special items like large valuable and musical instruments. Experts say it is risky for you to move pianos up and down the stairs by yourself. Professional movers will do the job for you safely without injuries. They have the right materials to move the piano without damaging it too.

Heavy pianos might need one or two people to lift and move safely. If the piano is small, it can be moved with one person, especially if the flight of stairs is short. However, if the staircase or steep or very long and involves several turns, it is prudent to have a helper with you.  

Four steps to move the piano up and down the stairs

The following are four steps to help you move pianos-

  1. Make room- It is simple for you to make a route in advance so that when you actually lift the piano, you are sure of the way to take. Make sure they are wide enough for the piano to fit through. In case you do not have sufficient space for the piano to move through, remove the door.
  2. Prepare the stairs- If you wish to move the piano up the stairs, you should create a plywood ramp as this will make it simple for you to push the piano up. Make sure that the plywood you use is durable. In order to make the correct ramp, measure your staircase and lay the planks of the right size on them. The ramp is a temporary one, and you can use nails and screws for it.
  3. Make sure the piano is safe with the dolly- The piano is now ready to be transported upstairs. Make sure its lid is down and closed with tape. Use moving blankets to ensure there are no scratches on the piano when you push it up the stairs. In case your piano has handles, make sure they are not covered.
  4. Move the piano slowly- When your piano is secure and in place, make sure that you start to move the piano carefully on the ramp. The path to any exit should be cleared, and furniture and boxes should be removed. Carefully roll the piano along the staircase. When you are pushing the piano, make sure there is a third helper with you at the end of the piano as this is the point that needs extra pressure. As you move the piano up and down, you must ensure there is no muscle injury. This is why you should have more than one helper to move the piano up and down the stairs.

In this way, you can ensure your piano is transported up the stairs without damage. Call in professional Adelaide removals for the task and make sure they are experienced in the job.